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Building Innovation Capability

 We Build Leadership Capability by Solving Business Challenges for Not for Profits
 Build Innovation Leadership and Improve Employee engagement

"Leaders of tomorrow need to be purpose-driven..need to feel comfortable with the level of transparency..need to be able to work in partnership..need to be systemic thinkers to be able to handle this complexity..but above all need to be human beings"
Paul Polman former CEO, Unilever

Our programs  build innovation leadership capabilities such as empathy,  curiosity,  ability to influence and build trust with stakeholders using action learning. 
By solving Not for Profit business challenges, we foster innovation and collaboration to help embed these capabilities within teams to help lead change, improve customer centricity and foster innovation
Do you want to see innovation leadership in action?

Our vision

Instill a sense of purpose in every workplace to lift employee engagement


Why Inclusive Leadership?
"The evidence is clear: inclusive leadership is imperative for modern businesses, and pro bono service can be an effective tool for developing inclusive leaders" 


Foster Innovation & Engage Teams with Purpose

A hackathon style workshop with many employee teams collaborating to solve a business challenge for a Not for Profit 

Build  Innovation Leadership

A series of experiential learning workshops focused on building team capability whilst delivering a business  outcome for a Not for Profit.

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“When you are surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible”

Howard Schultz
Former CEO 

Recent Events
Our Previous Events

Leadership & Uncertainity

November 13, 20 & 27, 2018

Disrupt BAU

Is Business Only About Profit?

July 20, 2018

Purpose in Action 2.0

February 27 & March 1, 2018

Purposeful CEO Summit

Authenticity makes great leaders

Having facilitated over a 100 round tables with senior IT executives, I observed that a lot of them were really challenged with being authentic. Saying “NO” to stakeholders was very..

Scaling the Rocks

How Do You Manage Fear in Your Leadership?

As an early stage entrepreneur, cash flow is a bit like a roller coaster ride. I’m taking steps to remedy that but in the meantime, that’s the way it is. As I reflect more on it, I realise..

Why leaders need to be empathetic

As I was watching this short video by Dr. Linden Brown who is speaking at our Customer Centric Leadership conference, I was reminded about the importance of..

Our Favorite Articles

“I learnt how to be collaborative. And to ask small and open questions”


“I learnt about project planning capability and collaborative decision making”

Minter Ellison

“These forums always offer an opportunity to improve on how to contribute to both discussions and helping to deliver/achieve outcomes. It is important to always refine the way you deliver in a group”


What they're saying

Feedback from attendees at our workshops

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