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Global Corporate Citizenship & Talent Summit

Building Inclusive Leadership & Creating Sustainable Impact


From July 22 Weekly

Most corporate community engagement programs don't create sustainable impact in the community nor do we have enough inclusive leaders in organisations.

What needs to change?

“While the pandemic has led businesses to pledge to step up as good corporate citizens like never before, this shift was long in the making. 

According to the 2020 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey, employees have been re-examining the companies they work for with an eye toward purpose and impact on society. Employees, potential hires, and especially younger workers increasingly want to work at companies that pursue equity, diversity, and community”

Harvard Business Review

Corporate citizenship allows companies to demonstrate investment in their talent and provides experiential learning opportunities through which employees can apply a variety of functional and leadership skills in new settings.

Companies can help their staff build competencies like collaboration, agility, and change management through collaboration with the Not for Profit sector.

"Companies that create a culture of making an impact and tapping into their employees’ sense of purpose have the ability to attract and retain top talent.”

Mike Preston, former Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte

Furthermore, organisations are increasingly focused on establishing an inclusive workforce that values a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds.

Corporate citizenship not only provides companies with the opportunity to engage diverse talent but also allows participants to work across teams and departments, become familiar with people and processes from a different sector, and hone inclusive leadership skills

Corporate Citizenship

Join us for a series of stories of how organizations have built talent and inclusive leadership capability in collaboration with the NFP sector


To build inclusive leaders that create sustainable organisations, we need to foster a culture of empathy and service, which is what drives customer centricity and innovation. Empathy is what drives the Not for Profit sector.


Imagine if every employee, as a corporate citizen, consistently collaborated with the NFP sector to build empathy and capability, what impact would that have on the culture of the organisation? 

What kind of impact could we have on the customer and communities we support?

If every employee became  a good corporate citizen, could business save the world?

Muneesh Wadhwa, Founder, Humanity in Business

The Triple Win of Corporate Citizenship (Business, Talent, and Community) 

Hear how our panelists engaged their private sector companies with the non-profit sector to identify, create and fulfill skill gaps while developing in-house talent, and bringing the outside in for their organizations. 


Win for Community: What skill gaps/problems were addressed in the Not for Profits? What impact did this have on the larger community 


Win for Talent: What gains did the people involved make? 

They will share facts & stats about the impact on talent such as building a strategic mindset, problem-solving, agility, managing stakeholders, connecting with purpose and improved customer centricity

Win for Business: What was the net impact on the business? 

They will share examples and stats on the impact for business on areas such as employee engagement, retention, corporate branding and innovation

Modern Watch

12pm - 1pm July 22 (Sydney Time)

10pm-11pm, July 21(US Eastern Standard Time)

7.30am-8.30am July 22  (India Time)

Launching and Delivering a Four Week Immersive Skill Building Program - The IBM Story

When IBM launched the IBM Corporate Service Corps, more than 4,000 employees, originating from over 60 countries, had taken four-week pro bono assignments in one of 40 nations working on a total of 1500 projects! Over 76 percent of the participants—many of whom  are mid-career professionals—said that the program boosted their desire to complete their careers at IBM.

This initiative pushed innovation by putting employees in a fresh context, allowing them to learn new skills while serving a greater good.

One of the participants of the program said” “It helped me to see the bigger picture better and improved my outside-the-box thinking skills,” when you spend a lot of time working on solving complex societal problems, it makes solving business issues easier.”

Join Professor Litow along with his former IBM team Gina and Martin to hear how they engaged the business to get buy-in to execute the program and what were the lessons learnt along the way.

“It helped me to see the bigger picture better and improved my outside-the-box thinking skills,” says Martínez. “When you spend a lot of time working on solving complex societal problems, it makes solving business issues easier.”

Priscila Chaves Martínez, former IBM leader

Highlights from the Session

Kris Ashpole

Head of Global Community Impact, A&NZ

Johnson & Johnson 

Customer Experience Manager

Johnson & Johnson 

Building Talent for Good 

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Australia and New Zealand will discuss their Talent for Good program – and the benefits it delivers to employees, not-for-profit organisations and communities.

Talent for Good empowers Johnson & Johnson’s nearly 130,000 employees to grow personally and professionally by applying their time, skills and resources to build healthier communities around the world.  From donating to a cause to fully immersive partnerships with NFPs, J&J employees - at all stages of their career - are able to make a positive and enduring impact on society while enhancing their skills and pursuing their passions.   Hear from senior leaders at J&J talk about the impact they are having and the benefits of the program.  This session will include how this program helps build the capacity and enhances delivery of the Not for Profit’s programs and impact in the community.

“This two-way approach to talent management—combining leadership and sustainability—is a great opportunity for Dow’s employees to demonstrate their ability to adapt to a variety of situations and develop their leadership skills in a unique way, while enabling us to showcase Dow’s capability and commitment to the region.”

Ross Mclean, former President, Dow Chemicals Africa

Corporate Partnerships

St. Vincents de Paul Society 


Modern Watch

9am-10am, August 5 (Sydney Time)

Developing Professional Leadership with The Hunger Project Australia.

The Leadership Immersion Programs held in India and Africa, give employees the opportunity to engage personally with local village partners, and understand how they overcome the obstacles they are faced with on a daily basis. Program facilitators assist teams to distill these leadership lessons and apply them to their own professional lives. The purpose of these programs is to drive cultural and behavioral changes to shift the mindsets of teams – with the in-country element of the program enabling teams to fast-track and deepen their learning process.

Join us to hear how the Hunger Project helps teams:

• Fostering courageous conversations and actions

• Being present and intentional

• Clarify purpose

• Embedding personal ownership

• Identifying and challenging unconscious belief systems

• Unlocking personal or professional challenges

“I have learnt how small and agile organisations truly embrace diversity, in particular cognitive diversity. Smaller organisations need to be diverse to survive and there is much that we can learn from them. For me there has also been much I have been able to learn about the nexus of education and mental health”

David Sacks, Partner, PWC Consulting

Modern Watch

9am-10am, Aug 12, 2022 Sydney Time

Authentic Corporate Citizenship as a Talent Strategy

In a crowded marketplace giving your talent the opportunity to contribute to the causes critical to their lived experiences can be a differentiator for recruiting and retaining top talent 

In this session Andy will speak about why being a values driven authentic leader is the only option for talent leaders today.  By taking a broader role in the communities we live and work in through our talent strategies we are equipped to make our teams and ecosystem a better place, by putting purpose at the heart of our work. 

“To maximize their opportunity to recruit, engage, and retain Millennial talent, companies must ensure that their social initiatives coalesce into a comprehensive ecosystem of social and shared-value activities. This will require companies to build their social initiatives around an understanding of their role in the development of human capital. It is as critical for companies to reward involvement in these activities as it is to harness their investments in social impact for internal innovation.


Given the unique opportunities and constraints facing 21st-century corporations, attracting and cultivating a talent pool with keen business acumen and passion for social impact may provide a crucial competitive

advantage in the decades to come”

Modern Watch

9am-10am Aug 19, 2022 Sydney time

Driving Business Results through collaboration with HR on CSR/ESG

Delivering strong results in corporate social impact usually requires strong collaboration among internal teams. When the CSR, or ESG teams are closely linked with HR or People teams, the impact is exponential for communities who benefit from valuable insights, employees who experience leadership through service, and the business which has more engaged employees.

There are also very close ties in driving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and social impact; the best projects integrate DEI principles in their focus, design and implementation. Hear from Gina Tesla, VP ESG at Coupa Software, about her experience working closely with the People team. 


Learn about:
Strategies for building joint HR and CSR initiatives 
Infusing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into CSR programs
Making deeper impact through partnerships

Modern Watch

8.30am-9.15 am - September 21, Sydney time

630pm-715pm-  September 20, US Eastern Time

More speakers joining us with dates and details to be announced soon!

Justin 1583372973376.jpg

As part of your registration to this event, you would need to submit a question prior which will help us set the agenda for the discussion.


Our intention is to continue the conversation with more questions that arise from this discussion as part of our community building objectives.

 Investment to attend per session or view recording in AUD 

$50 + GST

FREE for Not for Profits & Charities only

 $200 + GST for all sessions 

Interested in promoting your brand at the event?  Please get in touch!

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