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Engage Teams with Purpose

Improve employee engagement by using team skills to do good

Why Host a Force for Good Hackathon?

Improve capability of  Not for Profits using skills of employees

Leverage skills and size of your team to deliver projects that creates business value for the Not for Profit

Foster innovation by collaborating with charities aligned to your business offering

Improve employee engagement by giving your employees a sense of purpose and pride

Improve customer centricity in teams by learning  about human centred design

Build agility of teams through action learning

Encourage risk taking and help overcome fear of failure

Improve collaboration amongst disparate teams and break down silos

Engage your customers, partners, suppliers and key stakeholders to build trust by fostering deeper relationships through a common purpose

Build your employer brand and reputation by sharing the team’s story via HiB’s 10,000+ followers on social media as well as your organisation’s and employee’s social media pages


"I learnt how to be collaborative. And to ask small and open questions”

-  Allianz

"These forums always offer an opportunity to improve on how to contribute to both discussions and helping to deliver/achieve outcomes. It is important to always refine the way you deliver in a group”

 - Deloitte

“I learnt about project planning capability and collaborative decision making”

- Minter Ellison

 Which Companies Are Taking a Stand on Social Issues?

The following are some of the companies who are working to create a culture of sustainability within their organisations and have taken a stand on a social issue.
(See here for the complete list of Australian business leaders who are signatories to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)

Which UN SDG does your team want to support?

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How it Works

Choose a Cause 

Choose a cause that aligns with your business or we can help identify one

  Tell us Your Skills

Tell us what skills your team or organisation has and how many employees in each skill set.

Bigger the team, the better the project.



We work with the charity and identify the project(s) which best matches your team’s capability to ensure an outcome   

Recognise & Reward 

Acknowledge the team for their great work and

share their stories via our collective social media channels 

Engage Your Team as a Force for Good
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