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What We Value

Our Mission

Finding Meaning at Work

One of our goals is to help all employees find meaning in the workplace by creating leadership programs that facilitate deeper collaborations with Not for Profits so employees can feel they are making a difference to societal challenges with their skills.

Building New Leaders

The business leader of the future is one that inspires teams with a mission to make the world a better place.

We help leaders become more aware of who they are by helping them better understand their values and their purpose at work.

We build leaders who are empathetic and understand the customer because they take a more human and sustainable approach to addressing business challenges.

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According to Gallup State of the Global Workplace Survey only 13% of employees are engaged at work! In spite all the people development initiatives in place within organisations, employee engagement still remains an issue.

We believe the biggest issue faced by business executives today is the lack of employee engagement and therefore the root cause of all challenges faced by organisations. Without a highly engaged workforce, businesses will not be able to create sustainable competitive advantage or meet the challenges faced by disruption.

And to create highly engaged organisations we need inspiring leaders.

We need leaders who truly care about their teams and stakeholders. We need leaders who are authentic and real.

We need leaders who know their values and their purpose. And most of all, we need leaders who believe business can take a more active role in making the world a better place​.

We Have a Dream

A New Standard of  Leadership

We are on a mission to set a new benchmark for great leadership.
The business leader of the future is one that inspires teams with a mission to make the world a better place and delivers great business outcomes.
We are a brand that tells stories of leaders unleashing business as a force for good.

Art Class

Authenticity & Passion


We cut through to get to the heart of what matters to you, so you can connect with like minded people on the same path; passionate about Humanity in Business.



We’re all in this together, so we hold events that give us a chance to work together and co-create what we want to see happening in thriving workplaces

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This isn’t just about the environment, this is sustainable business that shares value through it’s social licence to operate; solving societies problems at the same time as making a profit.

Transparency & Simplicity


Transparency in the context of Humanity in Business is being upfront about the challenges we all face and sharing that story.The leaders in our business keep it real, keep it simple and say it straight



The leaders who speak for us, and the consultants who work with them are what we call ‘conscious’. They are awake to what the world needs from business, and at our events they share how they do that.

Meet Our Team

Muneesh Wadhwa


I am the Founder of Humanity in Business.  I believe businesses have a higher purpose beyond just profit and need to play a bigger role in making the world a better place.  To create purposeful organisations, my mission is to support purposeful  leaders improve employee engagement by helping employee find passion and meaning in the workplace through our inspirational events. I’m passionate about telling stories of great leadership to inspire the business community to find a higher purpose beyond profit.


Peter Smith


Peter comes from a background of facilitation and coaching for Fortune 500 companies and the United Nations around the world. He is called in on mission critical assignments to help leaders and teams solve big problems and make great decisions for their business operations. He now brings this global outlook to Humanity in Business to drive Shared Value for all the stakeholders involved.


Lotte Rietveld

Branddesign & Marketing advisor

As the Branddesign & Marketing advisor for this inspiring and world-changing company, I help with their brand, the design around this brand and the online marketing. 
I've created their new website, help with insights about their audience and create uniformity in all of their marketing tools/channels.
My goal is to visualize and create the core and the uniqueness of this organisation/movement. Show the world exactly who they are why they are doing what they are doing.

Our Past Speakers

Gary Edstein


DHL Express

Alison Watkins.jpg

Alison Watkins

 former CEO,

Coca Cola Amatil

Robert Johanson1517579778041.jpg

Robert Johanson

former Chairman

Bendigo & Adelaide Bank


Pat McCafferty

CEO, Yarra Valley Water


Petie Walker

GM, Group Investments

Project Management & National Operations



David Cooke

former CEO,

Konica Minolta


Leona Murphy

Non Exec Director



Brian Gladsden

former CEO

Novartis ANZ

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