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Foster Team Innovation


Build innovation capability by solving business challenges for

 Not for Profits.

Our Work

 We improved the customer centricity of 24 finance executives.  
 We fostered an innovation mindset with a team of construction executives to create shared value for the organisation and the NFP

Why Solve Business Challenges for NFPs?

Build innovation capability and improve collaboration using design thinking


Improve agility by taking risks and overcoming fear of failure 


Develop strategic thinking capability of middle managers by solving strategic challenges


Foster innovation through action learning with charities who have similar customer challenges


Inspire teams  with a sense of purpose to lift engagement


Break down silos across the organisation by bringing teams together with a common purpose


Embed design thinking through experiential learning



How it Works

 How Have These Companies Benefited by Aligning to a Cause?

Improved Performance

Employee Engagement

Consistent Growth

High Employee Retention

Attract Great Talent

To register your interest, or join one of our upcoming events, please email us your best contact to send relevant information.

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You Choose

Identify the team and the key capabilities that are needed to be developed.
Choose the cause aligned to, or supported by, your team/business.

We Run

A human centered design workshop to learn about design thinking and kick off the team challenge by inviting charities to put forward their organisational challenges.

We Create

A series of half day action learning workshops with your teams learn about design thinking and apply it

to NFPs business challenges 

We Recognize

We acknowledge the great work the team has done with a recognition event, feedback from the charity and via social media.

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