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Leadership & Uncertainty

"The greater the uncertainty, the greater the need for leadership"
Andy Stanley

Uncertain times can severely test (and reveal) the quality of an organisation’s leadership. It is during these times that great leaders act - and act decisively. Through their actions, they set an example for everyone in the organisation and stand as the difference between thriving in a crisis or suffering irreparable damage.. Those that effectively navigate uncertainty, are often defined by the effectiveness of their leadership team.

So what are critical components of great leadership that can lead and inspire teams when there is so much ambiguity?
What do leaders have to do differently in a remote working environment? 

Join us for an insightful series of practical discussions with seasoned thought leaders who work with the most senior leaders in both the corporate and NFP sector.

Each 1 hour Linked LIVE broadcast  will include practical insights on how leaders can build their ability to lead their teams during disruptive change.
There will also be an opportunity for a Q&A where viewers can put forward key challenges they would like feedback on. We will be asking attendees to put forward questions at the time of booking their tickets as well.


Thought Leaders
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Leaders sometimes find themselves like a shag on a rock when the thing that they thought was advancing and in control suddenly isn't. Faced with a torrent of uncertainty, many face into it with the mindset that we have got to get back to normal! It seemed safer there. Perhaps this time offers us the opportunity for a different kind of Zoom? To foster the ability to zoom out and then form the ability to zoom in to find our true human address within it. Doing so crates more space. Space outside ourselves, an expansion of our appreciation of the bigger cosmic story we are held in and the space inside our self to see new possibilities in thinking rather than being held captive to default reactions. What we do know from Developmental Psychology is that the bigger the space we construct inside us to allow for ambiguous abstract concepts to be held will provide us more opportunity outside ourselves to dynamically steer through the uncertainty. Explore practical tips on:
● The Overview Effect – How to foster bigger picture thinking to create more opportunities
● The power of choice – Attitudinal choice to create less tension in teams
● The Empowerment Dynamic – Expand your influence in the business

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Social distancing and remote working may continue for longer than we would imagine. The increase use of Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc is benefiting people working from home to get everyday work done like the simple tasks of connecting by video, meetings, sharing documents and information transfer with their primary team. The contradiction is the increased use of collaboration technology is building siloes, reducing innovation, collaboration, and diversity of exchange at the very time when transformation and new ways of working are critical to an organisations future success. Video and online tools are very successful for broadcasting and meeting. This workshop will explore why these tools are poor at collaboration, diversity and inclusion, and ,especially when your organisation is facing an uncertain future. ​ What you can do to counter this trend? In this talk, Allan will discuss:
1. The latest research and survey findings form leading global partners.
2. Identify the critical success factors for remote collaboration, diversity and inclusion when facing uncertainty. 3. Share some of the new and different approaches used by leading organisations today.
4. How to use tools you already have to engage and transform your remote work success

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Leaders everywhere are being challenged more than ever to inspire and engage employees amid a global pandemic that's creating anxiety and uncertainty around the globe. Gallup studied data from more than 10,000 people that asked followers what leaders contribute to their lives. Based on the initial study, the following themes (or basic needs) emerged: Trust, Compassion, Stability and Hope. This workshop will focus on leading through uncertainty, and how you as a leader can be intentional about showing up and delivering on the needs of followers. How can you lead in a predictable way, even amidst uncertainty

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As we take on the challenge of coming to terms with our new reality, resilience is becoming more important at the personal, team and organisational level. If we understand how our minds work, we can develop the focus and clarity we need to make the right decisions for ourselves, our families, our teams and our companies. Kamal draws on his experience in large global organisations as well as his personal time as a monk to teach people how to build mental resilience. The webinar covers: How to develop personal and professional resilience How to maintain focus and clarity to make better decisions How to create space to rest your mind Practical tools to sustain your resilience

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Build a new bridge between neuroscience, leadership and culture. The inbuilt abilities of the brain that respond successfully to uncertainty are well known in neuroscience. We will be exploring what abilities we need to develop and discover how new technologies are making it possible to quickly scale the advancement of these abilities across a whole organisation. The result is a new kind of culture where everyone is agile to change and uncertainty without missing a beat, eliminating the fear-based response and showcasing true human potential. This change can happen proactively to great success or reactively to great pain uncertainty is the catalyst.

Leadership Trust in a Time of Uncertainty

               Stuart Taylor, CEO, Springfox


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Springfox Global Research shows that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian organisations and their people were already experiencing high levels of confusion, distress and vulnerability coming into 2020. Now more than ever, this uncertainty has been intensified with unknowns about when the pandemic will be resolved and associated concerns for health, finance, and relationships. In challenging times, leadership becomes even more critical. The most important element of this is Leadership Trust - the key antidote to uncertainty - which enables calm and engagement. In this session, Stuart Taylor will discuss the latest research on Leadership Trust, the benefits of trust and the 36 factors that are essential particularly in a new world of virtual teams.

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In a world of uncertainty and unpredictability, taking up our leadership role is even more important than ever in supporting, engaging and enabling others to be the best they can be. How do we bring courage to take action when we may not have all the information at hand or be able to respond to unpredictable or unexpected events, pressures, and situations with ease? How do we maintain an enhanced state of well-being, make conscious choices and sustain mindful practices in environments where we are uncertain of the outcome or result? Maintaining an enhanced state of well-being, making conscious choices, continuing to build respectful relationships and sustaining mindful practices can often be ‘put on hold’ as we face uncertainty and unpredictability. Yet we know that without this level of emotional health, our impact on those we lead and the way we engage and enable others can be less than effective Join us as we explore how to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty as leaders, and allow ourselves and others to be the best we can be during these times. Strengthening our own ‘emotional health’ is integral to achieving this and Gayle will share her insights into this approach as well as providing practical techniques and examples to take away.

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Great leadership in uncertain times starts with the mind. The ability to focus on what’s important, connect to purpose and to people. In this session Gillian Coutts, Australian Partner and Country Director of world-leading corporate mindfulness training organisation, Potential Project, will share practical tips for staying mentally agile, resilient and inspiring through uncertainty. You will learn how to: - better manage distractions in this disruptive time - sharpen your ability to zoom in and out between the big picture and the details - avoid burnout by switching from empathy to compassion - use kindness to connect with others and make hard decisions in a very human way.

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