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Mindful Leadership Summit

May 31, 2017    |    Sydney

Learning the art of leveraging mindfulness

Creating Productive Organisations

In an environment of constant change and increasing pressure of delivering more with less, improving productivity has become key a priority faced by senior leadership teams.

The demand to constantly perform and deliver results has increased stress levels and therefore impacted productivity of employees. According to Safe Work Australia, stress is costing the country’s business sector more than $10 billion every year.

Furthermore, with more than 50% employees disengaged in the workplace, improving productivity has become even more critical.

Mindfulness is gaining popularity in many organisations and our intention is to explore how it can improve organisational productivity through improved leadership capability and employee engagement. Improved productivity can be a result of various initiatives such as improved focus, effective stakeholder engagement, team cohesion and collaboration to name a few. 
We decided to invite some of Australia’s top mindful experts and their clients to have a practical conversation around how mindful leadership can create productive outcomes for businesses.

Leaders that inspired us

Speakers 2017

Woman with White Shirt

Brian Gladsden 

Managing Director Novartis Australia and New Zealand

"For me, mindful leadership is about being aware of who I am, why I do what I do, and understanding the impact my actions have on those around me, in the moment in which it’s happening.  Ultimately, it comes down to connection."

Young Woman with Grey Sweater

Elizabeth Farrell

Business Manager NSW Metro,St.George Bank

"Mindful leaders are consciously aware of their surroundings and purposefully keep their focus in the present with the intention to make a difference for the future. As a leader, it is important we become more aware of our emotions and the emotions of the people around us who we are influencing and guiding to be the best version of themselves."

Young Man Smiling in the Office



Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics, former Chief Paediatrician NSW

"I fell into leadership unexpectedly and unprepared. Once there I went to great lengths to acquire the appropriate knowledge. However, what has served me best is an inherent empathy and interest in people. This helped me care, listen and communicate effectively."

Young Man with Glasses



Senior Trainer and Consultant, Potential Projec & (ex) Org Dev Manager, Herbert Smith Freehills

"To me, mindful leadership involves the capacity to observe how you are thinking, feeling and sensing so that you can proactively shape how you react to events, people, uncertainty, in a way that corresponds with your values and gets you out of autopilot. It is developed through intentional practice and supported by listening deeply, staying open to and accepting new and emerging data, and being aware of one’s own biases and limitations."

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