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Who Do We Talk To?

We talk to leaders and experts in academia and consulting who head the charge
to a more inclusive, social impact style of business. We get under the hood, we
ask the tough questions, and we explore what it means to be a conscious leader

in the new world of work.

Who Is This Podcast For?

Anyone who believes in business as a force for good. Anyone who wants to do more in their business to build social impact. Anyone who works in an organisation and wants to know worlds best practice in creating conscious
capatalism, a social licence to operate, and build more Humanity in Business.


Social Gathering
Conversations with
Humanity in Business.

Why This Podcast?

Making sense of the changing world of work is something Humanity in Business has been doing through our event strategy, now, we want to take the sage off the stage and bring them in to a deeper dialogue about how business is changing and how we can bring more Humanity in Business.

Meet The Speakers


Miguel Padro

Senior Program Manager at Aspen Institute's Business and Society Program

He has managed a range of projects for Aspen BSP including a business faculty network focused on low-wage worker issues, Corporate Values Strategy Groupresearch into the practice of quarterly earnings guidance and investor communications, and a series of academic-practitioner roundtables on “Rethinking Shareholder Value and The Purpose of the Corporation.” 

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Filip Gregor

Head of the Responsible Companies division

Filip Gregor is Head of the Responsible Companies Section at Frank Bold, a purpose driven law firm. With his Brussels team, Filip runs the Purpose of the Corporation Project that creates space for a global debate on the role of the corporation in society and the future of corporate governance.

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David Cooke

Managing Director, Konica Minolta

With a Doctorate in Corporate Social Responsibility, David demonstrates the value of managing a company with ethics and equality as the driving force.

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