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A Global PMO for NFP Sector

[Specific dates to be announced shortly]    |   MLC Building, 105 Miller St. North Sydney

A Global PMO for NFP Sector brings you:

Global PMO and Shared Services for the Community Sector

The community sector is guided by values and fuelled by passion. Most of Australia’s 600,000 not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) have had to be highly resourceful in order to deliver their services with limited funding. However, like every other organisation, they also encounter business challenges from time to time that affect their ability to maximise their impact.

On the other hand, we have millions of highly skilled professionals in Australia alone that can do more for society than simply offering their time. However, corporate volunteering initiatives are usually put together in an ad-hoc manner between small parties and lacks a holistic approach to realise any economies of scale.

Humanity in Business and Communiteer are solving this systemic issue using a combination of purpose-led events and our proprietary online collaboration platform.

We want to create a Global PMO and Shared Services for the entire community sector. This can be achieved by aggregating the business challenges from NFPs across Australia and running them through a PMO and other shared
offices functions that consists of a critical mass of skilled-volunteers.

Projects to Scale Impact

We have delivered several successful events in the past few months and our platform is currently being optimised to scale our impact. As such, we are looking for your organisation’s assistance with
the following projects:

3. Designing Solutions

To derive an efficient and scalable way to aggregate the resources (i.e. skills and expertise) and redistribute them to the area with the greatest demand and/or the projects that will yield the most social impact based on our current product and service offerings.

Skills required: Solutions architect, Design thinking, Business analysis, Systems design, Impact measurement.

4. Business Growth

To research and develop a growth strategy based on our current activities that will enable our impact to scale to all 600,000 NFPs in quick but sustainable manner.

Skills required: Strategic consulting, Business growth, Business planning, Risk assessment.

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