Our Favorite Book of the Month: PATH TO PURPOSE


PATH TO PURPOSE by Carolyn Butler-Madden

An ever-increasing number of consumers are linking their purchases to purpose. They feel that when
they purchase a brand, it should play a meaningful role in uniting people in a favorable and profitable
way. Brands that ‘say and pray’ are outdated and belong to the past. Brands that promote a clearly
defined purpose are the growth engines of the future.

One can transform a simple purchase into a powerful act by choosing a brand that leverages its
marketing power and social media reach to affect social and environmental issues. This creates more
business as winning brands are the ones that do will inevitably do social good by simply doing well.

Cause marketing is about what a brand does rather than say what it is. A cause marketing campaign can
be a credible and important first step on the path towards purpose. In this world trust is the new
currency and actions speak louder than words. Above all, what matters is social impact which is the
driving force behind every successful cause marketing campaign.

To create brand awareness and brand health, cause marketing offers a strategy that goes beyond pricing
offers and other short-term initiatives. It solves the problem of focus on short-term sales especially if
budgets are cut every year. Lastly, it deals with the challenge posed by employee disengagement which
makes it harder to deliver a credible brand purpose.

Butler-Madden is passionately involved in her work which is evident from the eloquence of her
language. She describes 14 case studies which will motivate you and give you the confidence to make
such marketing work for your brand. She outlines a six-step methodology which shows the ways you can
go about developing a proper approach for your brand

1. Strategic foundation
A strong strategic foundation creates the floor plan for a cause partnership that is strong, believable,
genuine and clearly aligned with your brand position. It also lays the basis of a purpose approach for
your brand.

2. Internal alignment and engagement
Getting aligned and seeking input from key stakeholders is an overriding necessity for a viable cause

3. Marketing activation plan
Build a marketing plan that creates brand engagement by participation of social media. Incremental
sales should be quantified and brand health measured. You should monitor social impact in terms of
brand awareness and fundraising as well as delivery on your social purpose. Lastly, the social returns on
investment should also be quantified.

4. Public relations plan (PR)
PR can prove to be an important piece of your cause marketing communication plan especially if your
budget does not allow recourse to TV, radio, print or outdoor advertising.

5. Leverage opportunities
A cause marketing campaign offers a distinct opportunity to leverage assets and other resources of
partner businesses.

6. Evaluation
A reporting process should be implemented that will be able to report positive tangible results. This is
crucial to unlocking ongoing investment to build a purpose-led brand.

Butler-Madden just about sums up whatever there is to be said about cause marketing in this nifty
volume. She has had a 30-year long distinguished career working with the world’s best brands. She is
the owner of Sunday Lunch – a brand consultancy that specializes in cause and purpose-led markets.
Indeed, hers’ is a handy and useful book for all those who are into cause and purpose-led marketing.

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