CSR: why there's a difference between shared values and shared value

In the 2011 Harvard Business Review article "Creating Shared Value," Michael Porter and Mark Kramer argued that "shared value is not about personal values." Indeed, we often hear people confusing the terms "shared value" and "shared values", mistakenly thinking that the concept advocates that corporations should let the values of stakeholders drive their strategies and actions. In fact, in the context of shared value, the term "value" refers to creating worth – societal value in the form of progress on social issues, and economic value on a financial statement. However, while it is important to keep this distinction in mind, it is also true that shared values (in the sense of guiding princip

Extreme Collaboration: How Charity and Business Can Work Together

Partnerships of any kind - be they romantic or professional - are never straightforward. There are differences of opinion that it can be difficult to reconcile and different ways of working can cause tension. But partnerships are undoubtedly powerful. Bringing together two very different, yet complementary sides can unleash untapped potential and encourage fundamental change. Working together in this way is essential if we are to operate effectively in increasingly complex and challenging climates. That is why GSK - the healthcare company I work for - is teaming up with other organisations, be they companies, academic bodies or charities to break down some of the barriers to accessing health

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