Our Favorite Book of the Month: HUMANIZE

HUMANIZE by Anthony Howard In this brilliant book Anthony Howard tackles the question: Why human-centered leadership is the key to the 21st century? Tomorrow’s world will be one of technological progress especially as we witness in the digital revolution. While technology has introduced a number of time-saving devices into our lives, yet we seem to have less time than ever before to do anything. There are very few jobs that allow you to leave the office or your boss behind. In brief, you live in a wired world which is always “on” and never “off.” This matters because if you cannot find the time to think, you may excel technologically, but you risk losing your humanity. Howard believes that

Our Favorite Book of the Month: BUILD THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE

BUILD THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE by Simon Rountree In 2001 Simon Rountree joined Camp Quality as incoming CEO. Founded in 1983 Camp Quality had been working to support families deal with the challenges that childhood cancer brings, however after 17 years of operation the wheels had fallen off and the organization was in a deep decline. The organizations problems were serious and they involved more than just changing business practices and procedures as its own culture was pessimistic and defeatist. Recognizing that mental wellbeing is the greatest determinant of happiness, personal fulfillment, engagement and effectiveness at work, Rountree developed the ORANGES toolkit. Based on scientific p

Humanity in Business

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