Insights from the Purposeful CEO Summit

We recently hosted the Purposeful CEO Summit and i was inspired by stories of CEOs walking the talk around helping employees find meaning in the workplace as well as creating a highly engaged culture. Our vision is to have a Purposeful CEO running every company in the world. Imagine if every organisation had engaged employees and was making the world a better place through more community initiatives? Without engaged employees, companies will struggle to be sustainable and we need more leaders who are passionate about people. And with the rapid rate of change, having a purpose is critical to help employees understand why they do what they do. Here are some thoughts from some of the attendee

Five keys to success: Employee Engagement and Purpose

Aligning leadership, strategy, workforce, communications and purpose is a tricky business. Yarra Valley Water is one business who seems to have cracked it. You know the meeting: the leadership team reviews the staff engagement survey, the results are less than positive, people aren’t feeling good, they’re not connected to the mission and vision, and communication is identified as the key ingredient to making things better. I’ve spent quite a few moments in my career watching all eyes turn to me at this point and receiving the predictable instruction to create an internal newsletter. Because that’ll fix it. It will help, and it is one tool, but it won’t fix it. There are organisations investi

Our Favorite Book of the Month: PATH TO PURPOSE

PATH TO PURPOSE by Carolyn Butler-Madden An ever-increasing number of consumers are linking their purchases to purpose. They feel that when they purchase a brand, it should play a meaningful role in uniting people in a favorable and profitable way. Brands that ‘say and pray’ are outdated and belong to the past. Brands that promote a clearly defined purpose are the growth engines of the future. One can transform a simple purchase into a powerful act by choosing a brand that leverages its marketing power and social media reach to affect social and environmental issues. This creates more business as winning brands are the ones that do will inevitably do social good by simply doing well

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