Our Favorite Book of the Month: TRIGGERS

TRIGGERS By Marshall Goldsmith All of us are concerned about our behavior. After all, our behavior determines whether we are happy, sad or frustrated. We wish we could change ourselves for the better but the struggle is daunting. A trigger is any stimulus that reshapes our thoughts and actions. We are daily bombarded by triggers - people, events and circumstances that have the power and potential to change us. Triggers are virtually endless in number - there are good triggers, there are bad triggers, there are triggers that upset us as there are triggers that elevate our mood. How can we identify triggers so we can avoid the bad ones and repeat the good ones? Our environment is a powerf

Our Favorite Book of the Month: SUPPLY CHAIN OPERATIONS

SUPPLY CHAIN OPERATIONS By Justin Pagotto This book is a collection of seven chapters on supply chain operations followed by three case studies. The central thesis of this text is that business is not about making profits alone; how those profits are made and at what cost to the employees, the environment and the society at large also do matter. According to Naheeda Rashid, Associate Director of Hermes Equity Ownership Services, supply chain mismanagement can cause serious damage to profitability, shareholder fund value and reputation both in the short and long terms. Suppliers must obey ethical norms, assume corporate responsibility, look after workplace health and safety, compliance wit

Our Favorite Book of the Month; CONSCIOUS​ ​BUSINESS

CONSCIOUS​ ​BUSINESS By Fred Kofman In this book Fred Kofman sets up a model of a conscious business that will serve as a benchmark for emerging businesses. A conscious being is awake and mindful. To live consciously is to be open and receptive to the inner and outer worlds keeping in mind the surrounding circumstances and how we react to them in ways that meet our needs, values and goals. When we are not conscious, we are driven by instincts and habitual responses that may not meet our needs. A conscious business encourages all its stakeholders to be mindful. Employees are to study the world with rigorous scientific reasoning and to reflect on their part in it with equal moral reasonin

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